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What are Cookies
This website as most of another websites in the internet network uses cookies for making your experience on the website better. This policy describes how we use cookies, why we need to store it and how you can disable these cookies. Though disabling can break the website functionality. We recommend you not to disable Cookies, especially if you’re not sure do you need it or not.

Disabling Cookies
You can disable the Cookies for the website on your browser settings. But you should know that disabling Cookies will break the functionality of this and many other websites. That’s why we recommend you not to disable Cookies.

The types of Cookies
There are different types of Cookies we set:

  • Account related Cookies for signup management (usually deleted when you log out).
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  • E-mail newsletters related Cookies can be used for some e-mail notifications, including account verification, nodes statuses and others.
  • Form related Cookies are necessary for saving your user details, which makes your user experience better.
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Third party Cookies
Sometimes AllNodes uses Cookies, which are provided by trusted third parties. You can see the list of such possible third parties below.

  • One of the most popular analytic tools is Google Analytics, which is used by AllNodes. It helps us to understand how do you use the website. These Cookies may track some important data such as the pages that you visit or the time that you spend on the website. More information about Google Analytics Cookies you can find on the official Google Analytics website.
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More Information
We hope the information above was clear enough for you to understand the Cookies Policy we use on AllNodes. Don’t forget disabling the Cookies may break the functionality of website or its pages, that’s why we recommend to leave Cookies enabled.

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